"Flying starts from the ground.
The more grounded you are, the higher you fly."


New aircraft at Jetcall

Jetcall has added the second Learjet 45 into its air ambulance fleet. The aircraft, registered as D-CSOS, will be introduced into med call’s global air ambulance portfolio and start service in June 2016. With two twin stretcher Learjet 45 (D-CSOS and D-CDOC)  and one single stretcher configured Learjet 31A (D-CGGG), the company is now operating one of the most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly air ambulance fleets in the European skies. The Jetcall / med call franchise will continue a steady program of fleet expansion and modernization to ensure that customers are being served with the best and most cost effective product


Jetcall gets own AOC

Effective as of June 2016, Jetcall has been granted by the German Aviation Authorities with the companies own AOC. This important milestone concludes a work stream that the company embarked on 9 months ago. With this AOC, Jetcall is increasing the ability to operate independent and enable customers to further benefit from a lean and cost effective business model with minimal overheads, where every Euro is invested in the final product:, safe and highly reliable operation of aircraft in a critical environment.

As an additional advantage, Jetcall is enabling third parties to benefit from the organizations decade long experience in executing critical mission profiles in the air ambulance sector by offering services from assistance fight planning and maintenance in to a fully serviced aircraft operation on the Jetcall AOC.


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"Flying starts from the ground.
The more grounded you are,
the higher you fly."